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  1. Since more than seven Years I am using aTypeTrainer4Mac. I was typing hunt-and-peck, and now I regularly type with ten fingers. At present aTypeTrainer4Mac helps me to test my current typing speed and to improve it further. The new version 3.0 works perfectly well on my computer (MacBook Pro 13“, 2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.9.5 German).

  2. I have been using this wonderful typing program for more than five years. I use it every morning to bring my typing up to speed and optimize my typing for the rest of the day, which ends up saving me time, because then my typing speed and accuracy is so high for the rest of the day. This program has so many great features, but the ones that are most important to me are:

    1) The complete statistical report generated as an RTF file, including detailed tracking of what errors I am making habitually. This allows me to practice on just those areas.
    2) The ability to specify the speed and accuracy required before proceeding to a higher level of challenge.
    3) The ability to use a specific piece of text for practice.
    4) Support for multiple character sets and keyboard layouts.

    I've tried all different typing programs, but this one is definitely the best. Though the program is available for free, I've found it so valuable that I've donated not once, but twice, and was happy to do so. Great program!